2018 Conference

2018 Conference

Outline of the 2018 Weekend

When?  16-18 March 2018.

Our Sunday speaker this year is Anthony Whitehorn who will be speaking on the theme “work in progress”.

Below is a taster of the 2018 workshops, but click here for detailed descriptions.

1. Ministry of reconciliation Wendy Johnsen
2. You’ve lost me Mike and Suzette Thompson
3. Spending time with Peter James Riley
4. Building the body Simon & Emma Palmer
5. Samaritans, Palestinians, Coincidence? Eric Lowe
6. The flip side to the 10 commandments Mark Buckler
7. Faith, evidence and evolution Pete Jeavons
8. Jesus in context Merri Mansfield
9. The name above every name Don Graham
10. Soundtrack to the Psalms Matt Mundey & Phil Ashcroft
11. Living in a multi-faith society Jim Bilton
12. Living with God in a godless world Andy Avery
13 Flowers: a reflection of God’s glory Mary Barnes
14 Get out there Dan Parsons & Judith Norcross
15 Decision making from a Biblical perspective Stuart Walker
16 Walk  Don Graham


Booking for 2018

Every year, the Hoddesdon Weekend is over-subscribed. So, please do book early! The key steps are:

  • Bookings open on this website at 09:00 am on 1st January, 2018.
  • Places will then be confirmed by email after Jan 10.
  • Payment (either in full or a minimum deposit) has to be made within 5 days of receipt of the confirmation of booking.
  • A final request for the balance of payment will be sent out at the end of February.


En-suite rooms

All en-suite rooms have bathroom suite, towels and soap, plus tea and coffee making facilities. All have high standards of décor and furnishings.

Standard Rooms

Standard rooms provide hand wash basins and comfortable furnishings and décor. Each group of standard rooms has the use of a suite of toilets / bathrooms. As with en-suite rooms, towels and soap are provided. Refreshment points are situated close to these rooms for delegates to make drinks at any time.

Room for guests with disabilities

Half of the bedrooms are located on the ground floor with lift access to the majority of those on the first floor. There are six bedrooms specifically designed for delegates with disabilities, including adapted doors and space for wheelchair users, the provision of alarm pull-cords and specially designed showers and bathroom suites


Standard Room: £130 per person (subsidised rate: £65)

En-Suite Room: £160 per person (subsidised rate: £80)

Subsidised places: half price.

For those who find the cost of the Weekend beyond their means, there are subsidised places available at a 50% discount. We are only able to offer this facility as a result of contributions made by other delegates and through the collection which is taken up during the Weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who supports this important fund.

Another option is ecclesial sponsorship, asking the Arranging Committee if they would be prepared to sponsor you. We have found that many past attendees have gone down this route.

The 25s-and-Unders offer: £30

One of the defining characteristics of the Hoddesdon weekend is the wide age range of the attendees. However, we are keen to encourage more under 25 year olds to come and help to shape the event. We are also very aware that the cost of the weekend can be a bit of a financial challenge. That is why we are offering a special rate of only £30 per person for 25s-and-Unders: a massive saving of £99 below the standard rate. There are only a limited number of these places available. So, please book early!


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What if I am offered a place, but my partner or friend isn’t?
Two people can book on the same form. These two people will be treated together, so if one is allocated a place, so will the other.

I was on the waiting list last year. What are my chances of gaining a place this year?
We prioritise those who were on the waiting list last year and were not able to be offered a place then.  This should ensure that those who were not able to go to Hoddesdon last year, but wish to do so this year will be offered places.

Can I send in a paper booking?
We have discontinued paper bookings and will only accept booking online. If you are unable to access the internet, we would encourage you to ask friends or relatives to help you. If this is not possible and you have no other means of submitting a booking, please contact Keith and Mary Riley on 01202 576807 before 1st January.

When will I need to pay?
When you receive confirmation of your booking you will need to pay at least a deposit within 5 days.  The balance will be due at the beginning of March.

What if I can’t pay the full fee?
We do offer subsidised places to those who need them at 50% of the full fee or you can request your ecclesia to sponsor you.

What rooms are available?
There are many ensuite rooms available, but very few standard rooms so please book ensuite if at all possible.

How many workshop choices do I need to make?
Please choose 6 different workshops.  We will do our best to allocate at least 2 of your 4 first choices

How do I contribute to the Subsidy Fund?
There is opportunity to add a donation when you are completing the booking form and a collection is also taken at Conference.