High Leigh

High Leigh Conference Centre (Hoddesdon) is owned by the Christian Conference Trust (CCT).
CCT became a registered charity in 1996 set up by First Conference Estate Ltd (FCE), which previously managed the The Hayes (Swanwick) and High Leigh (Hoddesdon). In 2009 CCT launched Belsey Bridge Conference Centre, which now means that the Trust operates across three venues.

The Trust’s mission is to provide good quality, affordable, conference facilities for Christian organisations. The focus of the Trust is to continue serving God by improving standards to maintain a leading position in the Christian Conference sector so that conference facilities are available at all three Centres well into the future.

High Leigh Centre

The main part of the house was built in 1853. In 1871, Mr. Robert Barclay, a successful banker in the City of London and a committed Christian, bought the house. Robert Barclay died in 1921 and the house was sold to First Conference Estate of which he had been a director. First Conference Estate was founded in 1909 with the express purpose of providing affordable facilities for various missionary and other Christian societies. The Hayes, in Derbyshire, was opened in 1910 with High Leigh following 11 years later.

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