The Conference is well-blessed to be able to enjoy the benefit of the talents of many delegates who willingly give their time and energy for the good of all.

The Band

David Webborn

David is responsible for the contribution of the Band to our Conference worship and praise. He will co-ordinate the musicians and seeks to give as many people the opportunity to play together and experience the joy of praising God in music. David plays bass guitar.


Matt Kemp

Matt has brought a touch of class to the projection of our worship and other material throughout the Conference, and ensures that the modern facilities in the Yew Tree Hall are used to their maximum extent.


Ruth Cooper

Ruth and her helpers are responsible for the smooth running of the conference bookshop and this provides the opportunity for a wide variety of stock to be viewed and purchased each year.


James Riley

James has taken on the task of recording the main conference items and is learning the trade, so please give him as much encouragement as you can, as the recordings give pleasure to others that can far transcend the Conference itself.