We treasure the many wonderful mornings (and sometimes afternoons as well) spent in consideration of God’s Word, and the encouragement, exhortation and fellowship we have gained together.

Looking back over the years, we have benefited from a variety of themes and these have been for many one of the highlights of the weekend.

Year Speaker Bible Study
2016 Darren Guy (Halifax) In the presence of Jesus
2015 Tim Genders (Marianhill, South Africa) Running with Horses
2014 John Launchbury (Portland, USA) The Transformed Mind
2013 James Riley (Winton) Eternity in our hearts
2012 Andrew Bramhill (Bracknell) Golden Jubilee
2011 Richard Alleyne (Handsworth) Intimacy with God, in theory and practice
2010 Cedric Twelves (Chesterfield) The Roman Road
2009 Darren Guy (Halifax) A Love Song for the Last Days
2008 Joe Miles (Maidenhead) Children of God
2007 Anthony Whitehorn (Maidenhead) Mindset or a Set Mind?
2006 Joni Mannell (Castle Bromwich) After my own heart
2005 Joe Warwick (Barnet) The risen, ascended Lord
2004 Andrew Walker (Knowle Dorridge) The Word made flesh
2003 Don Graham (East Ham) Amazing Grace
2002 David Smith (Sunderland) Living Life more Simply
2001 Mike Hardy (South Lakes) Nine kinds of Happy
2000 Phil Mundey (St Albans) Doctrine begins with Do
1999 Nic Willis (Nantwich) Down to earth Discipleship
1998 Jim Bilton (Guildford) The Church’s Mission Statement
1997 Anthony Whitehorn (Maidenhead) Saul’s of Kish and Tarsus
1996 Bob Lloyd (Verdugo Hills – USA) Let us Rise up and Build
1995 Peter King (Worcester) When the Judges Ruled
1994 Norman Bilton (Parkstone) James- the Epistle of practical faith
1993 James Bilton (Guildford) Paul – the trouble-maker
1992 Dennis Gillett (Oxford) The New Testament Ecclesia
1991 Norman Bilton (Parkstone) Lessons from a changed man
1990 Nigel Patterson (Newquay) Evidence of a living sacrifice
1989 Roy Standeven (Heckmondwike) Shades of Judgement
1988 Peter King (Worcester) Faith in a faithless world
1987 Dennis Gillett (Oxford) The manifesto of the King
1986 Dennis Gillett (Oxford) The Spiritual life in Practice